Frequently Asked Questions
What is LinkCollector?

Portable bookmark manager is powerful tool for storing your bookmarks in one database. LinkCollector supports most popular Windows browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. If you use more than one popular browser, you probably have bookmarks in each of them. Bookmark manager will help you organize bookmarks, import and store links from all of your browsers in a separate file. You can also easily synchronize bookmarks between system browsers. You can put the program on a USB drive and use your bookmarks everywhere.

The LinkCollector has a functional limitations?

LinkCollector has no functional limitations. After the 30-day trial period you need to register program.

How to register program?

Purchase license. Once done, you will receive a registration file by email. Put this file into the program folder and restart LinkCollector. That's all!

Online payment processing is secure?

The payment will be processed in an encrypted form. Your personal information is 100% safe and secure!

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