Options - general page
Start LinkCollector on system startup - start program automatically on Windows startup.
Hide LinkCollector to the system tray at startup - hide program to system tray after starting. To show program click on LinkCollector tray icon.
Minimize LinkCollector to the system tray when closed - hide program to system tray when you click on close button.
Backup bookmarks page
The program can create backup for bookmarks of LinkCollector, Firefox, Opera and Chrome . Internet Explorer is not supported. Backups is stored in 'Backup' folder in program directory.
Browser and Bookmarks
Browser and bookmarks page
Default browser column - choose the browser that will be used by program as default browser.
Parameter column (command line) - each browser can be run with parameters.
Browser path column - browser path
Bookmarks path column - bookmarks path
'Find portable browsers and bookmarks automaticaly'
Find portable bookmarks and browsers
Note: The portable browsers/bookmarks must be stored on the same drive as the program.
Webpage info
Bookmarks data for webpage
Each bookmark can get info from webpage.
Thumbnail - webpage screenshot
Title - webpage title
Favicon - webpage icon
Check - check if webpage is alive.
You can view details about getting webpages info in a separate window. This window can be shown when you start any command or when operation of commands complete. You can open this window manually using menu 'Tools'>>'Statistisc...'
Bookmarks statistic window
From this window you can stop running commands.
Click on number of unsuccessful links to view list.